5 Useful Tips Getting Your Grass Cut In Port Richey FL

Lawn mowing Port Richey, FL – Cutting your yard may seem like a straightforward and easy task. Nevertheless, without the right knowledge, preparation, and strategy, you may in fact wind up triggering serious damage to your lawn.

To assist you cut your yard correctly, and make sure that it turns into a healthy, thick and drought-resistant yard, follow the simple lawn cutting suggestions outlined listed below.

Get Your Mower Ready

Before you begin cutting your lawn, start by getting the lawn mower all set. It is recommended that you sharpen the cutting blade at the beginning of the mowing season for the best cutting results. A sharp blade cuts the grass cleanly; leaving it looking healthy and nice. A dull blade on the other hand may end up damaging your yard as it is forced to tear through blades of turf– exposing it to illness and pests.

Keep in mind to top up the mower fuel tank, or battery pack, before you start working to prevent unneeded disturbances midway through the mowing work.

Prepare The Lawn

The existence of stones, baseballs and other foreign objects/debris on your lawn can further complicate the work at hand. Prior to you come down to the turf cutting part, put in the time to thoroughly check your yard, and pick out any foreign things that might position a threat to you or your mower.

Cut the Grass Down To The Right Height

As a rule of thumb, you must never ever cut your lawn by more than a third of its general height; otherwise you risk causing severe damage to the yard. In general you should cut the turf greater during hotter weather to maintain soil moisture and avoid the development of weeds. During colder weather condition (the last mowing prior to the start of winter), cut the lawn much shorter to counter moist conditions that might encourage the event of snow mold on the grass.

Turf growing in dubious areas should also be enabled to grow higher to enhance photosynthesis in the limited light conditions, as well as motivate the development of much deeper roots.

Mow the Lawn At The Right Time

When shade falls on the turf, the best time to mow your yard is. Cutting the grass during the cooler part of the day gives it more time to recover without losing too much water. If you cut the lawn during the heat of the day, the grass takes longer to recuperate, as the added water loss causes more tension on the turf.

Don’t Use a Lawn Clipping Bag

Lawn clippings are filled with healthy nutrients. If you desire your yard to benefit from these nutrients, avoid utilizing a bag, instead allowing the clippings to fall onto parts of the lawn that you have currently mowed. By doing this, you not just fertilize your lawn for free, however also save yourself the work of collecting and disposing off the clippings.

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A perfectly manicured yard will always be the envy of your next-door neighbors. And, with the above yard cutting pointers in mind and in practice, you will have a simpler time keeping your lawn looking healthy and lavish, throughout the year.

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